John’s Presentations:

  • Give students practical tips on writing
  • Get students excited about writing–and reading
  • Help students see themselves as writers
  • Provide teachers with ideas for including writing as a natural part of the school day

For Preschool and Kindergartners

  • Poetry Readings

For Elementary Students

  • The Power of Poetry: Poetry Writing Workshop
  • More than Just the Facts: Nonfiction Writing Workshop
  • How a Book Is Made
  • Footsteps from the Past: Writing about History
  • Life Stories: Writing Biographies
  • That’s Amazing! The Making of 125 True Stories of Amazing Pets

For High School Students

(all of the above, adjusted for age, plus the following)

  • Principles of Journalism
  • The Life of a Writer: Career Paths

For Teachers

  • The Power of Poetry (tips for incorporating poetry into the curriculum)
  • Fun with Facts (ideas for incorporating nonfiction works into the curriculum)
  • Passion and Purpose (inspirational talk on the power of teaching and writing)

For Parents

  • Share the Magic: The Importance of Reading with Children

Writing and Editing Services

  • Freelance Writing (articles, press releases, brochures, speeches)
  • Freelance Editing and Copyediting (books, articles, other materials)

To request presentations or services or to discuss fees, contact John Micklos, Jr. at or by phone at 302-383-7698.

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