photo of John Micklos at a book signingBooks

    • Leonard Nimoy: A Star’s Trek (Dillon Press, 1988)
    • Daddy Poems (Boyds Mills Press, 2000)
    • Mommy Poems (Boyds Mills Press, 2001)
    • Grandparent Poems (Boyds Mills Press, 2004)
    • No Boys Allowed: Poems About Brothers and Sisters (Boyds Mills Press, 2006)
    • Alexander Graham Bell: Inventor of the Telephone (HarperCollins/Time for Kids, 2006)
    • Jerry Spinelli: Master Teller of Teen Tales (Enslow, 2006)
    • Unsolved: What Really Happened to Amelia Earhart? (Enslow, 2006)
    • The Revolutionary War Library (six titles, Enslow, 2008)
      • What Was the Revolutionary War All About?
      • From Thirteen Colonies to One Nation
      • How the Revolutionary War Was Won
      • The Brave Women and Children of the American Revolution
      • Crossing the Delaware and Valley Forge: Two Wild Winters with Washington
      • African Americans and American Indians Fighting in the Revolutionary War
  • photo collage of booksMuhammad Ali: “I Am the Greatest” (Enslow, 2010)
  • Elvis Presley: “I Want to Entertain People” (Enslow, 2010)
  • Jennifer Hudson (Enslow, 2013)
  • Discovering the West: The Expedition of Lewis and Clark (Capstone, 2014)
  • 125 True Stories of Amazing Pets (National Geographic Kids, 2014, contributor)
  • 125 Cute Animals (National Geographic Kids, 2015, contributor)
  • The 1918 Flu Pandemic (Capstone, 2015)
  • The Challenger Explosion (Capstone, 2015)
  • Bold Riders: The Story of the Pony Express (Capstone, 2015)
  • To the Last Man: The Battle of the Alamo (Capstone, 2015)
  • The Sound in the Basement (First State Press, 2015)
  • Beach Fun: Poems of Surf and Sand (First State Press, 2016)
  • Explorers and Native Americans (Capstone, 2016)
  • Regions: The Northeast (Capstone, 2016)
  • Regions: The Southeast (Capstone, 2016)
  • The War of 1812 (Capstone, 2016)
  • The Civil War (Capstone, 2016)
  • Military Heroes: The Harlem Hellfighters (Capstone, 2017)
  • Military Heroes: Navy SEALS (Capstone, 2017)
  • Children at Work Throughout History (Capstone, 2017)
  • The First Amendment (Capstone, 2017)
  • The Fourth Amendment (Capstone, 2017)
  • One Leaf, Two Leaves, Count with Me! (Nancy Paulsen Books/Penguin, 2017)
  • Mediterranean Trade Routes (Cavendish Square, 2017)
  • Teens in Prison (Cavendish Square, 2017)
  • Understanding Propaganda (Capstone, 2018)
  • Understanding Your Legal Rights (Capstone, 2018)
  • My State: Wisconsin (Cavendish Square, 2019)
  • Fact Finders Biography: Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Capstone, 2019)
  • My State: Pennsylvania (Cavendish Square, 2019)
  • My State: Illinois (Cavendish Square, 2019)


Published in various national publications such as National Geographic KidsThe Elks Magazine, Modern Bride, Highlights for Children, Cobblestone, and others, as well as dozens of newspaper articles.

Honors, Awards, Affiliations

Editor of Reading Today, the membership newspaper of the International Reading Association, for more than 25 years; winner of numerous editorial awards from the Association of Educational Publishers, APEX, and the Society of National Association Publications

Board member of the Association of Educational Publishers (President 1997-2000)

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