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Raindrops, Hi Res. Cover

Raindrops to Rainbow

Raindrops are falling outside, but there’s still a world of color to experience! Delightful rhymes and brilliant illustrations detail how a gloomy, rainy day might not be so gloomy after all when you get to spend time with Mom, Brown Bear, and the colors all around you. Finally, the rain stops and a colorful rainbow appears in the sky. In the end, the young girl goes to bed later realizing that “I don’t mind rain because I know. without the rain there’s no rainbow.” Charlene Chua’s vibrant artwork(complete with a cute Corgi) provides a wonderful complement to the story. Aimed at ages 3-5, Raindrops to Rainbow captures the way people of all ages feel as we await the “rainbow” of better times after the long gloom of the pandemic.

Published by Penguin Workshop on March 2 2021. the book has drawn positive reviews and comments from Kirkus Reviews and others. Learn more here: Raindrops to Rainbow by John Micklos, Jr.: 9780593224090 | Books.

One Leaf, Two Leaves, Count with Me!

Children can learn to count as they also learn about the seasons, thanks to a playful new picture book titled One Leaf, Two Leaves, Count with Me! written by John Micklos, Jr. and illustrated by Clive McFarland. The book begins “One leaf, two leaves, on the tree/Three leaves, four leaves, count with me.” From there, preschoolers and primary children count their way through the seasons as leaves grow in the spring, fall in the autumn, and grow again the following spring. There’s a world of activities for children to spy around a beautiful tree as various wild creatures and one little boy celebrate the cycles of nature.

The inspiration for One Leaf, Two Leaves, Count with Me! came when the author saw the last two leaves clinging to a tree in October 2014. The line “One leaf, two leaves, on the tree” popped into his head, and the rest of the text developed from there.

Released September 5, 2017 by the prestigious Nancy Paulsen imprint of Penguin Publishing. the book has drawn positive reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, and Charlotte Parent. Learn more at the book’s page on the Penguin website.

The Sound in the Basement

“It was a moany sound, a groany sound, a chill-you-to-the-boney Cover Thumbnail JPEGsound.” Is there really danger lurking in David’s basement, or is it just his imagination? Find out as David learns to face his fears in The Sound in the Basement (ages 3-8),  written by John Micklos, Jr., illustrated by Eric Hamilton, and published by First State Press.

Beach Fun: Poems of Surf and Sand

Beach lovers ages 4 to 94 will enjoy this book celebrating the magic of a visit to the beach. Rhythmic poems by John Micklos, Jr. and stunning photography by award-winning photographer Lisa Goodman combine to make this book truly special. The book is published by First State Press.

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