It’s been a long time since I’ve prepared a writer’s blog post–I’ve simply been too busy! When I stopped to think about what I’ve been busy doing, I realized how much I have to be thankful for, both in my writing life and beyond.

In regard to writing, I’ve been blessed to find interesting and fulfilling work as a communications specialist/consultant for the Association of Educational Publishers, a small nonprofit organization in Wilmington. I work on two main projects–AEP’s awards program and a project called the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative. To learn more about the LRMI, visit its website.

I feel truly fortunate to interact with a great group of people doing work that I really enjoy. In many ways, I’ve regained much of the enthusiasm and sense of purpose I felt for so many years working at the International Reading Association before the hard times, and for that I am grateful.

Furthermore, my consulting work is typically half to three quarters time, which also gives me time to pursue my freelance writing. It’s been a successful year on that front as well. I’ve had articles in National Geographic KidsTeaching ToleranceDelaware Today, the News Journal, and other publications. I’ve conducted writing workshops at schools in Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. I’ve completed the manuscript for a biography of Jennifer Hudson for Enslow, and I’m nearing completion of a picture book of beach poems that I plan to self publish early in 2013.

Even when I think of all the things that sometimes distract me from my writing, I realize they are all good things–serving on the state board of Delaware PTA, serving on my church’s Called Pastor Search Committee, occasional trips to watch Amy play college field hockey, and watching John’s soccer games, to name a few. In short, I have much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving weekend!

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